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How to make a warm kitchen? 4 essential tips

The key to building a warm kitchen is in the small details. Beyond deciding on a classic or minimalist style, the important thing is to look at factors such as lighting, colors, materials and complementary decorative accessories. 

After all, any type of space, whether small or large, can be adjusted to achieve a warm kitchen. At Armo Design, we have experience with the planning and execution of design projects of different trends, among them:

When you start working with our team of professionals, you will have the best ideas to make whatever style you prefer, the kitchen will acquire a homey atmosphere ideal to build the best memories and share with family and friends. 

Today, we want to suggest these 4 tips for you to keep in mind when designing a warm kitchen. In addition, they can work as ideas to renovate your kitchen at any time of the year:

1. Lighting

modern kitchen

In a well-designed kitchen, both types of lighting should be possible: natural and artificial. Large windows that favor the entry of light during the day will not only save energy but will also make the interior look harmonious with the exterior view of the gardens.

Now, in the afternoons and evenings when you turn on the lamps, it is essential that they have yellow light bulbs instead of white light. This evokes a homey feeling that will turn your kitchen into a warm kitchen.

2. Colors

modern kitchen

As you know, in the world of design you can talk about cool colors and warm colors. The use of a certain range of shades in wall paints and furniture can make a big difference in creating the atmosphere of a warm kitchen.

If you definitely want a warm and modern kitchen, the best thing to do is to include the following colors in some details. It can be on a single wall that stands out at sight, in the cabinet doors, towels and accessories, etc.:

  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Vinotinto
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red

Unless you use them in matte tones, avoid very bright, cold and very light colors such as blue, white, green and purple. 

3. Materials

Do you know what is the quintessential material for the coziest spaces? Wood! If your home is adjusted to maintain a country style, you can think about installing natural or faux wood floors.

Likewise, a barn wood kitchen cabinet will be a very rustic detail that will function as a storage space and decorative accessory at the same time.

If you prefer to stay with a more sober and elegant style, you can still add some details in dark wood to favor the creation of a warm kitchen. For example, it will be easy to have wooden accessories such as chopping boards, knife holders, spice and condiment organizers, etc.   

Cabinets made of porcelain, glass or other materials can also look warmer if they maintain opaque and matte textures. 

4. Accessories

In kitchen design it is also important to include practical and aesthetically attractive accessories such as coffee makers, air fryers, electric ovens, machines for making cocktails, milkshakes or desserts, etc. Designating a space in the kitchen for this type of elements will give a homey touch to the place. 

In addition, there are tips that never fail when it comes to building cozy atmospheres, including a warm kitchen, for example:

  • Place a carpet.
  • Put in some decorative plants or even a stone wall or a floating garden.
  • Place a coffee table for breakfast (if you have an island or bar, you can put a fruit bowl and other small elements that complement the feeling of warmth).
  • Hang a painting with natural landscapes on one of the walls.
  • Install wall lights with yellow light

Would you like to receive more design guidance regarding a warm kitchen? We invite you to browse our portfolio and get in touch if any specific one catches your eye or if you want to start from scratch to build your kitchen according to your tastes, we are at your disposal!

We work with customized designs totally made to your needs that you will be able to see previously in 3D designs. We also carry out installation processes, so you can leave everything in our hands and be sure that you will have the best results without having to worry.