U-shaped kitchen

U-shaped kitchen : 7 ideas for a successful layout

Space is an important element in the kitchen, so many designers emphasize the ideal layout. Among the most popular options is the U-shaped kitchen, one of the most efficient designs that adapts to any size and maximizes storage possibilities for homeowners. 

The U-shaped kitchen has many advantages, including its functionality, ease of use, space optimization and other aspects that make it the perfect distribution for any kitchen idea you have in mind. If you want to learn more about this type of kitchen, in this article we present some ideas that will ensure a successful design. Let’s get started! 

1- Small U-shaped kitchen

Many people may think that a small kitchen is a problem for creating interesting designs, but this is not so. By organizing the kitchen in a U-shape, storage spaces are better distributed so that, visually, it does not look cluttered with accessories. One way to improve it is to include light colors and use furniture half the size of the lower half. 

2- Adding windows to the U-shaped kitchen

 U-shaped kitchen

For a compact space, the ideal is to add a U-shaped kitchen that has a window. This will help maintain a light and bright environment, especially if you want to highlight the features of your kitchen. If you want to give it a nicer look, then you can include a sink under the window, so you can wash dishes while enjoying the beautiful scenery. 

3- U-shaped kitchen with island

Many U-shaped kitchens have an island, and it is one of the most popular designs. Adding an island allows it to be the main focus of the room, plus it gives you a cozy space to enjoy with your family. Whether you want a modern kitchen, classic, Scandinavian, country, among others, the island adds more style to both the design and the overall layout of the kitchen. 

4- Use decadent details

When it comes to a compact model kitchen, details will be the main key to give it personality. For example, the cabinet handles, the electrical outlet, window style, sink and more become more important. Even the choice of these details can change the ambiance and the main look you want in a U-shaped kitchen.

5- Combination of muted and matte colors

In a U-shaped kitchen, it is necessary to create a soothing design to reduce the feeling of saturation. Therefore, dull surfaces and muted color schemes will be an excellent choice to keep the kitchen non-reflective and more pleasing to the eye. 

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use light color palettes in a U-shaped kitchen. In fact, a white kitchen is a good choice to showcase a cleaner, brighter and more functional look, even if the kitchen is small. 

6- Built-in appliances 

Commonly seen in modern kitchens, built-in appliances are a perfect option for maximizing space. In addition, this type of design keeps accessories concealed, offers a visually larger space and a more minimalist look. This will be your ideal choice if you bet on a simple, functional kitchen without exaggerated details.

7- U-shaped kitchen with pendant lighting

U-shaped kitchen with pendant lighting

U-shaped kitchens give a cavernous feel, especially if dark colors are used, the look can be very gothic. Include pendant lights in the middle of the island or in focal points, that will help you define certain parts of the room or highlight architectural elements. This will make your kitchen look comfortable, warm and inviting.