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5 inspiring rustic kitchen ideas for 2022

When we think about kitchen renovation, many ideas can arise, especially if what you want is a functional, cozy and practical space. The rustic kitchen is one of the favorites for this kind of options, so it is worth knowing its variety of designs. 

Rustic kitchen design is an interesting fusion of classic, industrial and country. And thanks to its versatility, it is able to generate infinite possibilities of customizable creation. So if you are looking for a rustic kitchen design, you’ve come to the right place, in this article we present the best ideas for your home. 

1- Rustic chalet kitchen

Over the years, rustic kitchen decor has gained a lot of popularity. The rustic chalet kitchen style is a clear example of warmth and bringing back the old times, as its look is more vintage. In addition, one of the most remarkable materials is wood and natural stone with a touch of wear, perfect for people who want to feel closer to nature. 

Even if your kitchen is small, the rustic chalet kitchen is a good option, since it adapts perfectly to the size. For winter seasons, your kitchen will be a cozy space where you can enjoy delicious dishes, either alone or in company.

2- Rustic country kitchen, a timeless option

One of the rustic kitchen ideas that you will love is the country style. While there are many options, choosing a rustic country kitchen in white color will be the best. White is known to be the classic color that represents timelessness and neatness, so when combined with the country style, it gives it a more elegant look, without losing the warmth of the rustic style. 

The way you can complete this design is with simple but sophisticated decorations. For example, if you have a wooden table or countertop, placing some plants gives a natural and simple touch. Also, in this design it is common to see white cabinets that expose the dishes. 

3- Modern rustic kitchen

A rustic kitchen doesn’t have to be synonymous with boring or old, in fact, you can add modernity to it. How can you customize it? You can combine white cabinets with natural stone countertops. Also, include gray or black appliances combined with wooden walls or accessories of the same material, that will give it a fresh look and fascinating results. 

4- Natural stone backsplash plate

A modern rustic kitchen with stacked stone backsplash is a great way to give your space a luxurious yet rustic feel. This type of backsplash is often more durable than sheet tile, making it an excellent choice for a large kitchen. This style also pairs well with other rustic elements, such as exposed natural wood beams and a chunky island.

5- Wood as a protagonist

Whether you have a small or large kitchen, the best way to achieve a rustic chic kitchen is to use wood as the protagonist. To create a cozy atmosphere, consider using reclaimed wood beams as an accent, also a round table (in case you have a small kitchen) adds more character. On the other hand, a wide wooden island attracts the attention of anyone who enters the kitchen. 

If we think about the kitchen furniture, shelves look better if they expose the dishes and accessories. However, cabinets with doors are also an excellent option to complete the rustic style

Why choose a rustic kitchen?

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Because rustic kitchens are perfect for people looking for calm, simplicity, naturalness and functionality. Thanks to the diversity of textures and materials, you can go from a classic rustic kitchen to a modern or industrial one, without losing the main style. 

All rustic kitchens have a special and unique charm, so it is not surprising that more homeowners are becoming interested in this option. In addition, it has an incredible versatility to combine it with other styles and create new designs for your kitchen.

Get the rustic kitchen of your dreams with Armo Design 

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