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Modern kitchen: 7 tips for an innovative design

Do you want your kitchen to be functional, stylish, comfortable and pleasant? Then modern kitchen design will be your best option. Previously, many homeowners were more inclined towards classic or very traditional designs, but, over the years, the modern style has gained a lot of popularity, especially for offering a different perspective to kitchens.

However, having a modern kitchen is not simple, since all its characteristic elements must be considered. For example, the most used colors, space, materials, countertops and other important aspects that will help to have the desired design for your project.

If you want to learn more about modern kitchen design or get inspiration ideas for your project, this article will show you some simple tips. Take note! 

1- Use neutral colors

For a modern kitchen design, colors play an important role. It is common to use neutral colors or a monochromatic color palette, but this choice will depend on what style you want to predominate and what aspects of the kitchen will stand out. For example, monochromatic colors are ideal for a more minimalist look. Another option is to combine neutral colors, especially having a white modern kitchen is ideal to brighten the room and mix it with gray or beige colors. 

2- Closed storage

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Storage is also an essential aspect of any kitchen, and in modern kitchens storage is often closed. Because organization is a must, cabinets should maximize space, so you’ll see which appliances are integrated into the kitchen cabinetry to maintain straight, clean lines. Some cabinets may extend from the ceiling to the floor, but are also seen at the top or bottom of kitchens. The important thing is that, visually, the modern kitchen denotes space, practicality and better distribution.

3- Modern kitchen accessories and decoration

The decoration of the modern kitchen depends on the accessories to be used and the space where it will be distributed for its correct organization. Usually, the modern kitchen is versatile, so many kitchen designers include technological accessories combined with other traditional accessories. Appliances especially are smart models and a metallic color, as it gives it a more innovative and updated look, leaving aside the classic. But keep in mind that the modern kitchen, the less accessories it has, the better.

4- L- or U-shaped design

Another important element is the layout of the modern kitchen. Its most popular options are the L-shape and U-shape. Both are ideal for square spaces, and also for adapting to different kitchen sizes. In these layouts, it is common to see an island in the middle to offer more functionality to the design.

5- Maximizes the use of illumination

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In every kitchen is necessary to pay attention to lighting, but in modern kitchens this is an important aspect. Not only does it help to highlight essential elements of the design, but it also contributes to the atmosphere of the room. One way to include it in modern kitchen design is through recessed and suspended lighting fixtures. Lighting helps maintain a balance between the structure and personality of the modern kitchen. 

6- Mix styles and textures

Many times one style is not enough, especially if you have a love for other styles. That’s why in the modern kitchen you have the option to mix it with other interesting styles. For example, you can go for a modern contemporary kitchenor modern kitchen with industrial touches. However, the only thing you must ensure is that the proportions and its elements are balanced for a good harmony. 

7- Customize your modern kitchen

Of course it’s important to follow modern kitchen trends, but who says you can’t add personality? Now you can get inspiration from the best ideas and decorations to create the modern kitchen design of your dreams. Just make sure you have a space that is functional, but also meets your tastes and needs. 

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