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How to choose the best materials for your kitchen cabinets?

When choosing materials for your kitchen cabinets, it is essential to take into account the role played by the cost-benefit dynamic.

Remodeling a kitchen can have a myriad of benefits, which you can perceive not only in the aesthetic sense. In addition to giving your home a fresher, more modern and cleaner look, in the long run you will be investing in a fully functional space that meets today’s demands.

There are several reasons why you should remodel your kitchen: to get the kitchen of your dreams, to make better use of the space or to prepare the property for sale. It has been proven over the years that home renovations prior to a sale, especially in the kitchen, have a great return on investment.

For this reason, whatever your goal is, you can achieve it without any problem with the help of kitchen design experts.

Join us on this brief tour through the best materials that can be used to make your kitchen cabinets.

What is the best material for kitchen cabinets?

It is difficult to establish a concrete answer to this question. The reason is that every home, and therefore every kitchen, has needs and characteristics that can only be satisfied through a personalized analysis.

Based on the above, although the material used par excellence is wood, this choice may be modifiable, depending on important factors such as your budget or personal tastes.

Thus, although the most common is to opt for solid wood in a classic or country style, perhaps your real intention is to give a total change and venture into other materials such as acrylic or stainless steel. Futuristic, minimalist and industrial styles are increasingly in demand.

What are modern kitchen cabinets made of?

Depending on the style you want to achieve for your home, currently the most commonly used materials in kitchen cabinet design and remodeling, are as follows:



Wood is considered by many to be the best material for kitchen cabinets. When it comes to durability, design and quality, few other materials can match it.

They are easy to paint, clean and with the necessary care there will be no risk of the cabinets developing any wood diseases. Thanks to this property, renewing the look of kitchen cabinets will be easier to do.

Advantages: It allows the production of timeless, long-lasting kitchen cabinets, variety of patterns and colors, easy to customize. 

Cons: Wood can shrink and expand when in contact with moisture, which in the long term can lead to cracking and warping.  In addition, it is one of the most expensive materials used for this purpose.


An alternative to solid wood is plywood. This is a type of wood that is glued and laminated, covered by a layer of solid wood. It is an excellent alternative to hardwood and also has an incredible level of durability.

Advantages: It is more economical than hardwood and offers an appearance in kitchen cabinets similar to hardwood. Unlike natural wood, given its composition it is more resistant to water, weighs less and is easier to work with, depending on its density.

Cons: Although it is more resistant to humidity, excess water could intrude between its lamellas and trigger a “bubble effect” underneath the outer layer.


Manufacturers of kitchen cabinets or other home furnishings often make their products from fiberboard. For this reason, it is very common to find fiberboard furniture in department stores.

The price of fiberboard is considerably lower than that of natural wood, but the disadvantage is that it is not as durable and immune to water damage or infestation.

However, they are still an attractive option and can work for most budgets.

Advantages: It offers neat, smooth finishes and considerable tensile and flexural strength. It is a very economical material, so it is readily available.

Cons: Although it can be waterproof, it should never come into direct contact with water. It would cause practically irreparable deterioration and would become unusable. In addition, it is less resistant to shocks.

Stainless steel, aluminum and glass

Stainless steel, aluminum and glass

Now, there are options that are perfect for those who are looking for their kitchen cabinet materials to have a much more modern and cutting-edge look. To this end, some of the styles that have gained notoriety in recent years are modern, contemporary and industrial.

Although the first two do not stray too far from conventional styles, it is the industrial style that breaks the rule. It incorporates materials as diverse as steel, aluminum or fiberglass.

Advantages: Since these materials cannot shrink or expand, they can be a good choice for places with high humidity. As for stainless steel, it is a resistant and durable material, even though it is not exactly an aesthetic choice. In the case of glass, it can provide a luxurious and aesthetic appearance.

Cons: Steel tends to scratch too easily, and these marks are impossible to remove. Glass is prone to cracking and susceptible to looking dirty if not cleaned properly, plus it is obviously an expensive option.

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