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4 kitchen decorating ideas to design the kitchen of your dreams

Looking for kitchen room decoration ideas? After a certain time inhabiting the same space, it is normal that the need to make some changes in the home arises in us. However, one of the main reasons that makes us stop, is the tedium involved in the reform processes and all the time that must be invested to do it successfully. 

Some other factors, such as total costs, a space limit or furniture layout, can also become an obstacle, but by paying attention to the small details, the final results can surprise you. 

To transform your kitchen aesthetically or functionally, you don’t need a big budget. Starting with small changes, you can get that 180° turnaround you’ve been looking for so long.

Getting the kitchen of your dreams is possible! And today, at Armo Design we present you some of our best classic, contemporary and modern kitchen decorating ideas. Are you ready to learn with us? Let’s get started!  

Kitchen decoration ideas

We mentioned it at the beginning and we reaffirm it at this point: to transform the decoration of your kitchen you do not need large sums of money. With small changes here and there, you can achieve a fresh, renewed and functional look.

The following are some ideas that can help you achieve that effect in your kitchen.  

1. Decoration ideas for kitchen walls

Much of the kitchen wall decoration ideas, involve making modifications in terms of color or texture. For this you can use different resources that you will find at your disposal in specialized stores, such as paint with different finishes or if you prefer, some particular type of wallpaper. 

Now, what colors should you choose?

  • Light colors: Light shades of paint will give us the appearance of more space and amplitude, especially if the room has natural light. In this category would enter the entire scale of whites and beige. Because of the visual effect caused by light colors, it is ideal for small kitchens.   
  • Dark colors: If your intentions are to focus on a  modern, contemporary, industrial or eclectic kitchen style, consider incorporating colors that correspond to the scale of blacks and grays.  
  • Vibrant colors: If you want to venture into experimenting with a bolder style, oranges, reds, yellows and greens, may be a good option for you.

With this last option in mind, remember that you can also incorporate design patterns that mold to the overall idea of the renovation.

2. Kitchen island decoration ideas

Kitchen island decoration ideas

The second way you can completely transform your kitchen is by incorporating an island or a peninsula.

The island is composed of a cabinet that opens in all directions, while the peninsula has three sides and one of the sides is installed to the wall. Both structures are located at a safe distance from the kitchen cabinets, becoming one of their focal points.

This component gives your kitchen a modern, customizable touch. Depending on its structure, it will offer you extra storage space underneath, the possibility of adding a small sink or installing a stove right there. 

In this way, you significantly expand your work areas and make the most of the quality time you share with your family. Obviously, adding a component like this will require a larger investment, but the benefits you get from this purchase are worth it. 

3. Kitchen countertop decoration ideas

Countertops constitute one of the classic elements in any kitchen. Besides functioning as a work area, many also have storage spaces that are very useful, especially when kitchens are small and do not allow us to install too many wall cabinets. 

Depending on the design, many are intended precisely in order to take advantage of all the space and make it functional. In order to decorate them and renew their aesthetics, it never hurts to give them a coat of paint if the material allows it or to completely change their appearance with special adhesives that simulate the appearance of marble, tiles or granite. 

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4. Lighting ideas 

Lighting ideas 

Lighting is a crucial element in the decoration of the kitchen. A well achieved lighting, will give the feeling of spaciousness throughout the space, while a bad contrast will seem to make them smaller, so much so that it could hinder your activities and impair the efficiency of your kitchen.

The most common is to enter into the dilemma of whether we want to incorporate cold, warm or neutral light. For this you can use ceiling lamps, which depending on your budget can have more or less value. You can get lamps at affordable prices and thereby transform the appearance of the entire kitchen. 

Remember to focus the light points near the work areas. Many people choose to place lamps near the countertops, or as a chandelier over the island.

Thinking of renovating your kitchen? 

These kitchen decoration ideas can be very useful in different circumstances, but if what you want is a complete renovation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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