Kitchen backsplash

​​Kitchen backsplash: 8 style suggestions for your decoration

A kitchen backsplash is one of the most important elements for the design and installation of a kitchen. It is a protective coating that is installed on the kitchen walls to protect the surfaces. This prevents traces of oil, water, food and other ingredients from soaking into the walls. 

If you still don’t have a kitchen backsplash idea in mind, this article is for you. At Armo Design, we care about the quality of products and services but also the satisfaction of providing pleasant environments that fit your style.

Kitchen backsplash: some design and material ideas


Materials such as ceramic, glass, earthenware, marble and stainless steel are the most commonly used. This is because they meet the necessary quality criteria: easy to clean, resistant to temperature changes and flexible in design. 

When you undertake work with Armo Design, 3D design is an important part of the process. This will allow you to see in detail a projection of your future kitchen, including the backsplash. You can consult our portfolio or request an individual consultation. 

Some styles to want for your kitchen backsplash are:

1. Classic style

To maintain a classic style, a ceramic kitchen backsplash is ideal. Despite being the most traditional, it is a trendy kitchen backsplash 2022. Simple square or rectangular shaped tiles are perfect. Most commonly white background tiles with small dots, lines or borders in a second color of your choice. 

If you are looking for sobriety, they can be installed in a traditional way; that is, forming a symmetrical plate. If you want to be more adventurous, you can request that the pieces be cut and installed to form a herringbone or irregularly shaped backsplash.

2. Natural stone kitchen backsplash

Marble is a very flexible material in terms of design, the variety of colors it offers is wide. In addition, marble is not a flat and unicolor surface. It usually has a cracked and multicolored texture that will give a different touch to your kitchen backsplash.

3. Country style

Country kitchens are usually made entirely of wood. To maintain this style on the backsplash, ceramic tiles that mimic the color and design of the wood can be used. 

4. One-color dashboard

A black kitchen backsplash or an all-white kitchen backsplash are also options for maintaining an elegant style. The advantage of this alternative is that you can get a one-color backsplash in almost any material.

5. Mosaic

If you want to give your kitchen backsplash a more extroverted feel, a colorful mosaic tile is perfect. Ceramic tiles come in varieties to suit all tastes. You can find from the most basic geometric figures to mosaics that form an object. For example: a cup, fruit, knives or other kitchen items.

6. Glass panel

A glass wall covering requires extra care. However, it offers an aesthetic that brings brightness and modernity to the kitchen. Glass panels can cover the entire wall or a small part of it. 

As for the design, they can be transparent, opaque or with a custom printed design, the most common are usually natural landscapes. These glass panels can be installed with brackets and screws or can be glued to the wall.

7. Stainless steel


Although it is recurrent to find this type of kitchen backsplash in industrial kitchens, stainless steel is a practical material and one that fits the interior design of a home. It can be used to design a backsplash in the form of a mosaic or classic tile backsplash. This can give a futuristic or modern touch to the space.

8. Imitation of brick or stone

A very classic and simple way to install a kitchen backsplash is with adhesive sheets. They are easy to install and replace at any time. They can be obtained with typical wallpaper designs. 

A great idea to take advantage of the versatility of these sheets is to get a version that mimics brick or stone. It can be ideal for a country kitchen, for example, or an industrial one.