Kitchen accessories that are essential to have

What’s the first thing you think of when you imagine your dream kitchen? Surely, if you were to make a list of priorities, the style of the design and the layout of the spaces would be among the first things. But there’s one thing you can’t forget: kitchen accessories

There is nothing better to complete the functionality and aesthetic appeal of this space than a good equipment of practical and novel kitchen accessories. This, regardless of whether it is a new kitchen construction or a kitchen renovation

Not only is it a good idea because of the versatility of visually combining each element with the cabinets, floors, ceilings and walls regardless of whether it is a classic kitchen or a contemporary kitchen. 

It’s also perfect because kitchen accessories will be there to make many things easier for you on a daily basis. Here are 4 recommendations from Armo Design to make your home an increasingly complete and integral place!

1. Knife set

Knife set

There are many types of knives, of different sizes, materials, weights and different shapes of cutting edges. A good knife will give you the stability and at the same time the flexibility you need to have control when cutting. 

One of the most popular materials is stainless steel, as it is durable and can be sharpened without inconvenience whenever needed.

While it is very useful to have a utility knife that you can use for almost any type of food, it is much better to have specialized kitchen accessories. 

These are 4 knives you can’t miss: 

  • For bread: it has a long serrated blade. Thus, the bread will not be ruined when cut.
  • Puntilla: they are the smallest but also the ones with the sharpest points. They are used to cut fruits or vegetables. 
  • For fish: they are long, very thin and flexible. This allows you to fillet any type of fish and remove the skin without destroying the flesh.
  • Chives: they are wider and more curved than the normal ones. 

2. Water filter

Water filter

In many cities, tap water is safe to drink. However, there can always be residues of different materials that are impregnated in the pipes or small particles of chlorine. 

A water filter as part of the kitchen accessories can not be missing. This not only prevents long-term health problems but also improves the taste of the water. In addition, there are very visually appealing designs. 

These usually consist of different transparent containers with natural stones that purify the water, a filter and a storage tank that can vary in capacity.

3. Air fryer

Today, air fryers are available in most homes. They are a time-saving and health-improving solution, as they avoid the use of excess oil in cooking. 

They are available in different sizes and offer many advantages for any type of kitchen:

  • Easy to clean
  • Can be stored in a cabinet in case you need to clear space
  • Avoid oil odors during cooking
  • It can be used to prepare all types of meals 
  • It can be used for baking, frying, cooking, defrosting, dehydrating, etc.

4. Cocktail machine

Do you like to have guests in your home occasionally and want to be able to offer them cocktails in a more professional and sophisticated way? When you think of kitchen accessories, a cocktail maker is a must. 

They are medium-sized devices that work in a similar way to coffee makers. They have water tanks and compartments where capsules with different types of cocktails are introduced. 

Simply select the type of beverage on the touch screen and wait for the automated system to calculate the mixes, times and measurements needed to have it ready and dispense it into your cups or glasses.