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Custom kitchen cabinet design ideas.

Choosing custom kitchen cabinets has become the number one choice among people who are about to start a remodeling process. The increase in the search for this type of service is mainly due to the incredible functionality and practicality that we can find in a renovated kitchen.

Not only will we get a better distribution of space, but we can also incorporate elements that match our lifestyle and personality.

Of course, all this in accordance with the overall design of the house and the needs that have led us to the remodeling. This in order to increase the creative areas of the home and make the most of them. After all, the goal of doing home renovations, is to meet those needs that you are already aware of.

Now, kitchen cabinets are the main component of a kitchen. It is the element that covers the most space and at the same time gives you a fantastic storage capacity.

Although there is a traditional style for kitchen cabinets, today, companies offer much more variety and availability of styles. Undoubtedly, this represents a significant advance in the industry, as it allows diversifying the customer’s options and thus providing a more personalized attention.

If you are about to start a kitchen design or renovation process, don’t hesitate to trust Armo Desing to help you get the kitchen of your dreams. For this reason, here are the ideas that are sure to transform your kitchen this 2022.

Let’s get started!

How to plan a home renovation process?

The construction and home renovation works are activities that require the fulfillment of some essential issues for a correct execution.

For such reason, before proceeding to the choice of custom kitchen cabinets, you should foresee the following:

-Drawing up a budget

-Establish the correct storage capacity

Determine the type of renovation (simple or integral)

-Consider the available space

-Investigate the guarantees and legal aspects of the renovation.

Choosing custom kitchen cabinets is the best option

Perhaps on more than one occasion you have thought that buying prefabricated kitchen cabinets is more economical than opting for a custom job. The main reason alludes to a question of budget and in the eagerness to save some money, we end up making certain adjustments on our own.

However, in the process it is very common to encounter some situations that can negatively affect this small personal project. Instead of emphasizing “do it yourself”, you should think about the option of “doing it your way”, with the support of a team of experts.

By not having the expertise of a professional, certain drawbacks may arise that compromise the success of the renovation. These can range from inadequate measurements to premature deterioration of the chosen materials.

Custom designed kitchen cabinets prevent you from any of these difficulties. Designers are responsible for choosing the best materials for manufacturing kitchen cabinets at highly competitive prices.

Ideas for custom kitchen cabinets

Each of our clients has a particular style, specific needs and diverse expectations. For this reason, each of the kitchen styles that we have at Armo Desing, have been designed to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

If you are looking for inspiration to refurbish your kitchen cabinets by incorporating a custom model, here are the amazing ideas we have for you.

Modern kitchen

Modern kitchen

For those who love flexibility and elegance, modern kitchen cabinets will be an excellent choice. This style is characterized by mixing classic and modern elements, in such a harmony that they are able to flow naturally, generating an eclectic style that you do not want to lose.

The predominance in this style is in neutral colors, geometric shapes and the incorporation of natural stone for certain spaces, such as marble. 

Classic kitchen

On the other hand, the classic kitchen cabinets maintain the ideas of the traditional kitchen, but with the contribution of small details that are nothing more than a nod to the contemporary style. However, it maintains a marked inclination towards light colors, open spaces and that provoke a feeling of spaciousness, which is evident from the entrance to this area of the home. 

Country kitchen

The rustic kitchen cabinets on the other hand, are inclined to the use of woody or green colors. The rustic style allows you to build spaces full of comfort and warmth, without neglecting the theme of functionality. Light tones and wood will be the main protagonists.

Transitional kitchen

The transitional style has the characteristic of creating a timeless design, which combines the classic with current elements and coexist in perfect harmony. It generally takes a base in solid colors, such as white, off white or beige and is combined with more intense colors such as a scale of blacks or grays.

The key to this style is in the finishes.

Contemporary kitchen

Finally, we could say that the contemporary style, obeys bright, elegant and current. It is a style that incorporates various elements such as glass and stainless steel. With this style is intended to provide the greatest possible mobility to the interior of the kitchen, so it is not surprising that it is in constant search of new forms of storage.

A kitchen cabinet style for every need

Choosing a kitchen cabinet style doesn’t have to be a difficult job. In order to do it the best way, rely on the professional advice we have for you.  Remember that custom kitchen cabinets require a detailed process that will involve many people. From the kitchen designer to the personnel in charge of the installation.

In Armo Desing we have professionals who are in charge of giving you a pleasant, familiar and completely personalized attention.

Our kitchen cabinet design and manufacturing services include the following processes: 

-Custom measurement

3D design

-Validation and fabrication

-And installation

Want to learn more about our kitchen designs?  We will be happy to help you. For questions, inquiries or quotations, please contact us by phone at 514 813-6856 or by email at

Our finished projects are our best presentation letter. We have highly trained employees, we provide you with a free estimate and we always choose eco-friendly materials and local suppliers.

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