Custom cabinetry for pets: a pet-friendly alternative

A large percentage of the world’s population has adopted or purchased pets in spaces such as homes, apartments, farms and even in schools or offices. Animals easily become members of the family and deserve to have comfort in their spaces. That’s why custom cabinetry is a great option

Creating personalized spaces designed to meet the specific needs of pets is not only a contribution to the welfare of pets but also a way to have more organization in the home and adjust the aesthetics to the tastes of the family.

3 custom cabinetry options for pets


Custom cabinetry can be constructed from a wide variety of materials and, depending on the possibilities, 3D plans can be made of the designs for large, small, indoor or outdoor spaces. This is one of Armo Design’s customized services that will help you visually project the results. 

The most common types of pets are dogs and cats. Generally, both have more or less the same needs and the custom cabinetry we suggest you consider below serve both. 

If you have another type of pet, you can also take into account these points and adjust them according to the aspects you need to cover or the complications you want to solve. 

1. The bed

There are several features to consider when choosing a bed for your pet. 

The main thing is the size. That is why it is ideal to have custom cabinetry built. It is essential that you are clear about the size of your pet so that at the moment of requesting the design, the best comfort is provided. It can be a wooden base or other material preferably with a foam or pet mattress to provide a restful rest.

It is normal for pets to move around while sleeping. Keep this in mind and make sure the bed is large enough to allow for slight movement during the night, they should be able to stretch out.

Another advantage of having custom cabinetry made is that you can consider making a bed that fits perfectly in your pet’s favorite places or in the most practical spaces. 

In addition, you could think of designing it as a kind of cave (cats especially like this) and have the resting surface recessed into some convenient space for the interior design. This detail will give the place a modern aesthetic

2. Food containers


Another aspect that should always be taken into account is the space for food. Traditional plastic feeders and drinkers are often left to drift on many occasions. This makes it easy for them to make a mess or spill their contents. 

But there is also the possibility of making custom cabinetry to put your pets’ food in. You can be as creative as you want in this regard and imagine classic and sober or contemporary looks with custom ornaments. 

As for its functionality, we can suggest:

  • Chest of drawers: you can make custom cabinetry that open and close like drawers when not in use. This way, you can save space and keep the place uncluttered. 
  • Built-in feeders: a good idea, especially if you are going to have custom cabinetry made, is to install the fixed feeders in one of the sides of one of the kitchen units, for example.  
  • Separate furniture: if you prefer, you can also design a separate feeder from the other furniture, but made to measure, so that it is in a corner of the kitchen where your pet is accustomed to feeding. The advantage of this is that the accessories will have more support and will prevent them from falling. 

3. Accessories organizer

Finally, you can also consider setting aside some space in the grooming area to store your pet’s bathing accessories and toys. Also, in one of the custom cabinets in the kitchen you can set aside a space to store your pet’s kibble and treats. 

One benefit of having a custom cabinetry kitchen designed by Armo Design’s team of cabinet builders, whether in new construction or remodeling, is that you can request the details you want and take your pet’s needs into account.

If you want to know more about the projects we have worked on, we invite you to see our portfolio. We encourage you to work with us and we will give you the best and most satisfactory results in your design ambitions.