contemporary kitchen ideas

6 contemporary kitchen ideas to inspire you

If you want to renew the aesthetics of your kitchen, a very popular option is the contemporary kitchen. In addition to being functional, customizable and practical, this style has proven to be one of the most versatile and elegant designs for any type of kitchen. 

The contemporary style offers interesting fusions such as the presence of modern, industrial and even classic. An ideal design for people looking to customize their kitchen according to their needs and tastes. Below, Armo Design presents 6 contemporary kitchen ideas that will inspire you. Take note! 

1- White kitchen with an elegant island

 White kitchen with an elegant island

The white kitchen is a timeless kitchen design that never goes unnoticed. For added elegance, a waterfall kitchen island and pull-out cabinets will be an excellent choice for your contemporary kitchen. Even if you have a small kitchen, white will give it a more visually spacious look, and if you include windows, the natural light will make your kitchen look simply, streamlined and very functional.

2- Wooden elements in the contemporary kitchen

In contemporary kitchens, natural wood elements cannot be missing. It is common to see cabinets, islands and other kitchen furniture with this kind of look. Not only does it help with contemporary decor, it also gives a warmer look and looks more inviting. Many homeowners are looking for a more cozy, yet elegant space and this is what you will get with this type of design. The colors that can best match for a brighter kitchen are light shades. However, you can also combine wood with dark shades and give it a more rustic and gloomy look.  

3- Modern contemporary kitchen


The style of modern kitchens includes a minimalist look and horizontal lines, as well as geometric shapes and curves. These elements are often used in a kitchen with full cabinetry and can help accentuate the minimalist design of the space. Contemporary cabinetry is often sleek and simple, featuring flat-panel doors with minimal framing. Various materials, including natural wood tones and metallic appliances, can be used to add a modern accent theme.

4- Contemporary kitchen with subtle colors 

When working with various colors in a kitchen, remember that proportions are important. Most kitchens feature a base color and accent colors. However, you can incorporate subtle colors in a contemporary kitchen and matte black accents. Light gray tones can be used with white, while matte black works well with light wood. By mixing these two colors, you will achieve an organic relationship between them.

Of course, you can also make other color combinations, if you find subtle colors boring. However, you should only try to maintain harmony in the fusions, play with accessories and not lose the main essence of the contemporary kitchen.

5- Contemporary black cuisine

When you’re looking for a new look for your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with a contemporary black kitchen. This look can be extremely stylish and has many design elements to offer. Plus, you can find a variety of styles to match your kitchen’s personality. For example, you can create a contemporary black kitchen with a workhorse island adorned with frosted glass and aluminum doors.

Another way to better balance this type of contemporary kitchen is through black painted cabinets with stainless steel appliances or natural wood flooring. This will create a modern, sophisticated and well-balanced look. 

6- Stainless steel contemporary kitchen

The materials used in the design of a contemporary kitchen can vary greatly, from the countertop to the cabinetry. Stainless steel appliances will be one of the most interesting attractions in a kitchen. On the other hand, you can also add cabinet doors or metal countertops. 

If you’re interested in creating an industrial-looking kitchen, consider installing large gas stoves and commercial-grade refrigerators. A kitchen with this theme is sure to make anyone who enters it feel welcome.

Create your contemporary kitchen with Armo Design

With these contemporary kitchen ideas, you can now renovate your kitchen in 2022. To do so, contact the Armo Design team, who are willing to use all their knowledge and tools to design the kitchen of your dreams. Even if you are looking for advice, we can tell you what kind of designs, materials, among other things, you will need.